Christie + Emily + Alanah + Dinner + Yogurt + Spanglish = Girls night.

Saturday was girls night with Emily and Christie.
Christie lives about an hour away, so Emily and I always make it a mini road trip with lots of good music, laughs, and talking.
Then, we had dinner together at Oggi's, which I recommend.
It's a fun place and the atmosphere is not too crazy. (I always get annoyed with I go out to dinner and can't hear what the person I am with is saying because the music is too loud.)
Then we go some frozen yogurt and headed to Christie's for wine and Spanglish.
Have you seen Spanglish?
Seriously, it's hilarious.
Go watch it.
Right now.
It's always such a blessing to have inspiring people in my life,
and these two are definitely inspiring.
I left feeling very confident, which is the best feeling ever.


(sweet) stephanie said...

Fun times with girlfriends are the best. Yogurt looks so yummy. Haven't had much of that in awhile