Thanksgiving '10

Thanksgiving rocks because I get to hang out with some of the coolest dogs. {Family matters too, but we'll talk about them later.} I realized then that I am a dog person. I pride myself on not really caring too much about dogs, but I do. I mean, if my house were burning I wouldn't take the dog instead of my mom. But I like dogs more than some people. Maybe more than the average person. Although, how much does the average person like dogs? This is getting confusing. Anyways, the one on the left is Turkey and the right is Angus. Angus is the BEST at playing fetch, he brought the ball back to me and dropped it in my hand, every time. My aunt knows how to train that sucka. 
The better thing about this Thanksgiving though was finding out that my cousin is pregnant! (Technically my cousin-in-law, if that exists.) SUCH exciting news. She is having a girl in April and I cannot wait. Here is a picture of my cousin, Pancho and her, Jordan. These are not their kids. Not some random kids though, they belong to my other cousin, Veronica.

Thanksgiving rocked this year.