Let's make this official.

This is my room. Come on in, have a seat on my old mustard couch. Let's talk.

Since so many of you are new readers, I thought it would be good to share a little about myself. Just to give you a taste, kind of like a preview to see if you want to pay $9.25 to see the whole movie. (I will not charge you $9.25 to read my blog.)

So, here we go!

My name is Alanah.
I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
I have 2 sisters (Tessa and Emily) and a brother (Noah).
I am the youngest. (Oh, you couldn't tell by my slightly diva personality? You're too kind.)
My sister and I have a shop on Etsy where we sell our handmade things.
I firmly believe that a a good hairdo can change your whole day.
I may sing really loud to Beyonce and Lady Gaga in my car (or I may not. Whatever.)
I am graduating from college this May and then hope to get my masters in social work.
I would consider my tastes in music to be random and eclectic. 
I wish I had more time to read.
I have watched Ten Things I Hate About You at least 75 times. (I'm not joking.)
I have been in a relationship with Tim for three and half years. He is my first boyfriend.
I still bite my nails.
I am an introvert.
I traveled with Tim's sister Bethany to Italy this last summer. The trip changed my life.
I hope to one day have kids, but not any time in the near future.
I love love love blogs, and I too have been influenced by Sydney Poulton. (Notice those boots in the corner? Look familiar?)
Hot chocolate at the end of the day is my love language.

Your turn! Tell me something about you.


Hadar said...

This is cute! thanks for posting! Something about me: My number stress relaxation technique is shopping! I can tell by my recent credit card bills that I have been quite stressed lately ;)


Check out my blog!

Hadar said...

uhh number *one*...haha whoops!

Alanah said...

Hadar, obviously you are good at shopping too because I just checked out your blog and you've got style! Love it.

Hadar said...

Haha, thanks! I just got back from the mall...hopefully my new outfit will make it up soon! :)

Vida said...

Found your blog from a recent comment you left on The Daybook. Had to find out who was behind the cute yarn creations. And I come to find out she writes some GREAT posts. So now you have another follower!

Hm, about me: I live in San Diego since I go to UCSD. This is my 4th and last year here, which means I am also graduating at the end of this year!

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i still bite my nails too (im doing it right now) ... AND Jesus is my homeboy :) we have sooo much in common. HA!!!

i am a new follower, so i fully appreciate the overview of who you are. i look forward to reading more.

Alanah said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Good to know I'm not the only one with the biting nails problem. Maybe it will go away someday. (probably not).