Have you ever...?

Have you ever run into an old classmate from high school? Last night Tessa, Kristin, and I got yogurt and it happened to me. I was not a particularly popular person in high school, so the thought of running into anyone I used to know then gives me a mild heart attack. We walked up to Yogurtland and I saw her. (For anyone who went to high school with me and happens to read this blog, which is unlikely, her initials are S.G. She was tall and skinny and wore slutty Halloween costumes.) She had the same jacket as she used to wear. She had the same dark brown hair. She had the same darker skin tone. She had the same skinny frame. She had the same smile. A million thoughts ran though my head. Should I say hi? If she ignores me, should I ignore her? Will she even remember me? I felt SO lame, but I didn't want to get into a conversation with a person I was never friends with and then hear my least favorite question... "So what have you been up to?!" Yet, I continued to walk in and walk right up to where she was sitting. I opened my mouth to say 'hi' as she turned her head and we made eye contact. Whoops, it wasn't her.

I need to lighten up.


Teresa said...

you make me smile. i bet we'd be friends in real life. this is SO something i would do. :)

Alanah said...

Your comment made me smile Teresa!

Lise said...

Okay, I'm de-lurking to comment on this post. I've been following since Sydney @ The Daybook hosted one of your giveaways. Your posts frequently make me laugh, but this one did especially.

"A million thoughts ran though my head. Should I say hi? If she ignores me, should I ignore her? Will she even remember me? I felt SO lame..."
It's so nice to know other people have these thoughts too!

Want to hear an awkward story? I graduated from high school almost 6 years ago. Last summer, I was in a car accident in relatively large city about 30 minutes from the small town I grew up in. When I looked into the other car, it was a girl who graduated from high school with me. Luckily we were both fine and she was really nice about it (the accident was totally my fault!), but still, it was awkward. Especially when her dad saw my dad at a high school football game later that night and asked him if I was okay after the accident. The next week, I moved to France to teach English, and I ran into another girl from my high school at our orientation.

Yay for never really escaping the small town where you grew up...and for learning to appreciate that.

Alanah said...

Oh my gosh, Lise. Your story made me cringe. I can't believe you ran into a high school classmate in France!

I am SO glad I am not the only one who has these experiences. Even though mine was kinda fake.