12 Reasons Why I Love This Man: (Because 10 is a boring number)
1. When I bought him this pi T-shirt off Etsy, he excitedly started trying to memorize as many numbers as he could. He got up to 19, I think.
2. He loves Modern Family as much as me.
3. He encourages me to be creative and is always interested in my new pieces.
4. He likes my body just as it is. (Or "just as I am", as in Bridget Jones)
5. He no longer questions my hatred of odd numbers.
6. He listens to me dream about the future.
7. He dreams about the future with me.
8. He gets as excited about new pens as I do.
9. His sense of humor is even more twisted than mine.
10. He gives the best hugs.
11. After almost four years together, he still always opens the door for me.
12. He's hot.