It's painting day, friends!

Yesterday was a low. I was pretty upset about the negative feedback. But today, it doesn't matter. Today is Painting Day, and nothing will ruin that! I don't know if I have shared it on here or not, but I have a treehouse. No, I am not 5 years old. Yes, I do have an amazing engineer for a father who always makes my dreams come true. For a few years, the house was in our actual tree, but since we had to cut it down, it now sits on the ground. However, I think it's just as cool. It has a door and three double paned windows and is pretty good sized.

Since the weather has done horrible things to it, I proposed the idea to my dad that I wanted to completely redo it, give it a make-over, and make it into our business headquarters. He was all about the idea, and so the transformation has begun! Step 1: Paint.
These are the colors that I landed on. I am using the light blue for the walls and the orange as an accent that I will paint the shelves I plan to move in there. I love the colors because they feel light and fun and I wanted something that wasn't too overpowering. I am so excited!

Next step: Buy wood to cover the floor and sand/stain/varnish it.