I got my first negative feedback on Etsy today. I am crushed, especially because I feel it is undeserved.

Don't have anything fun to say today. Sorry.


misshannie said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear this! Please don't be discouraged. Everyone gets some sort of negative feedback eventually :(

Much love and hugs,
Hannie - Tea and Biscuits

Alanah said...

Hannie- you're truly sweet. How funny, I was just looking over your blog and I love your outfit posts. You look especially good in that denim top!

Teresa said...

That stinks. I got a nasty comment on my blog once and it hurt. bad. So I get it. Hang in there. Now you can say you've had your ONE neg feedback of your lifetime. done. :)

Alison Cole said...

i was just about to send a comment to that dummy but decided not to.

i didnt want to make it worse for you.

you know i would have ripped his face off too.

sorry little sis.