My goals.

(Fullerton Arboretum, 2010)
I am a very goal-oriented person. Sometimes I even like the process more than the end result. I had a goal of buying a truck (and even though I didn't end up getting one, I loved saving money). I had a goal of going to Italy (and thank God it did happen!)

It's the new year, it is time for some new goals. And the great thing about having a blog is that at the end of 2011 I can look back on these and see how far I have come.

My goals:
1. Read my bible more and make time for God.
2. Reach an acceptable and healthy weight.
3. Learn to love exercise again.
4. Write in my journal like I used to.
5. Buy a nice camera and learn to take good pictures.
6. Redecorate the treehouse and make it business headquarters.
7. Read more books instead of rereading the same books over and over.
8. Get into the masters program at CSUF.

I feel that's enough for now. I can't make too many goals otherwise I just feel overwhelmed and scattered. I am really optimistic about 2011 and as soon as I am over this stupid sickness I am getting on that elliptical!


Ashley said...

I saw you on this stuff! I'm gonna check out your shop :)