Something to get off my chest.

I have a confession. 
Want to hear? Come closer, listen.

Craft fairs scare me. It is the easiest way of putting it. In December I was involved in two craft fairs. When I am sitting behind my items on the table I feel like I am holding my heart out in my hands asking for acceptance from people who I have never seen and will probably never see again. I am lifting my heart up in my hands asking nervously, "Do you like it?" It is exhausting. Questions are constantly running through my head. Should I talk to someone when they come to my table? Should I ignore them? If I am too nice and talkative, will they think I am only trying to get them to buy something from me? Do I make eye contact? If they seem to like an item, do I tell them I offer it in other colors? When they try something on, do I gush and tell them that it looks amazing on them? If they wince at the price of an item, do I offer to give it to them for a lower price? Do I tell them I have a website? 

It seems that by abiding to these craft fair "rules", I am selling out. I am not by nature an overly friendly and cheerful person. When I walk into a store, I find it incredibly annoying being asked every five minutes if I need help from the salesperson. I don't try and barter with the owner of a store when I am looking at their items. So generally my rule is to treat the customer like I would like to be treated myself as a customer. I don't pretend to be something I am not, I don't compromise myself in order to make an extra buck.

It was awesome when I had a customer at a former craft fair walk away from my table muttering, "I could get that for five dollars at Walmart." Merry Christmas to you too, man in the green and red plaid shirt.


Vida said...

Some people can be so rude! It's a real shame that you had to hear that. I personally love the products you and your sister make for the store! And I can imagine how unnerving it must be to sit behind your hand-made goods and watch people eye them. Stay strong :)

Alanah said...

Oh no, I personally thought the comment was hilarious. But yes, I know what you mean! Sometimes it is hard to stay positive in the handmade world. :)

Owl's Nest said...

PS I am doing one next week :)