Celebrating Tim Day.

February 10 was Tim's 22nd birthday. I asked him to take the day off work Saturday so I could plan an all day extravaganza for him! He has been talking about the Aquarium for a long time, so that was the first place I knew we would go. He came over at 9 am and we were on the road a few minutes later. The mini road trip started with some good tunes.
The best part was he had no idea where we were going! He kept guessing different places, and I would just smile and say no. It wasn't until he actually saw the sign off the freeway that he knew, and he was happy. I love surprising him.
Touching the sting rays and the baby sharks was the BEST. It was probably my favorite part of the aquarium. I also packed us lunches in our old Coleman cooler, so we headed back to the car to eat. I made Tim sandwiches from Cortina's and even threw in an eclair, which was delicious!
Then it was time to check out the harbor and laugh at some ducks. 
And.... time for more jellyfish!

I didn't want to do the same exact thing as last year for his birthday, but I did cook him dinner. Actually, he wanted to cook together since he likes it as much as I do. We made sweet potato fries, broccoli with cheese, and BBQ glazed chicken. Then we set up a ton of candles in the treehouse and ate in there with wine and Dr. Pepper. 

AND, in the spirit of the aquarium, we watched Jaws on the new big screen my parents just bought. It was a great day.


Katie Baba Nielson said...

you're a great girlfriend! this sounds like such a lovely day!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love sweet potato fries. sooo much better than regular fries. and i've never seen jaws....weird, i know.

Tim Shuck said...

That was my first time too.....