Don't you love creating something from scratch? Most of the patterns I put together I have to start over at least 4 times, which is frustrating, but in the end it makes it all worth it. With this item, I got it perfectly right the first time I tried it! When I was done, I turned to Tim and said "It looks exactly how I wanted it to!" It's going to be put in the shop sometime next week. I can't wait to take pictures of it.
I hope someone out there loves wearing fashion statement, large, ridiculous, and interesting pieces. 


Elizabeth Benfield said...

this is so cute!! im excited to see the pics you take. im a big fan of large, ridiculous interesting pieces. i love seeing how people wear them. i, on the other hand, lack the confidence to pull them off. if i owned this, i would put it on at least once a week, then chicken out before i left the house.

btw - i am offering my very first giveaway.