Alanah's Unwritten Rules of College

(Picture taken by Emily in her classroom. What a great teacher letting me sit on one of her desks!)

1. When walking past someone in the hall, don't stare at them for more than 3 seconds. Any more than that and you're just being creepy.
2. The 6th floor of the library is supposed to be quite. Don't take your study group up there, jerk.
3. Everyone knows that escalators are fast moving stairs. Don't just stand in the middle and then wonder why everyone behind you is giving you dirty looks.
4. In a lecture hall with 400 empty seats, don't sit down next to the only other person there.
5. If I have a book in front of me, it is not an invitation for conversation.
6. Don't follow behind me to my car, put on your blinker, and then get irritated when you see I am not leaving and you can't take my spot. You didn't even ask, buddy.
7. If you know classes are in session, don't talk loudly in the hallway with your friends.
8. Don't ask my major when there is an awkward pause in conversation. You don't care and I know it.
9. If I am waiting for a computer to do homework, I better not see you checking your facebook or playing games on one. I will stare you down.
10. If there are 35 people crammed into an elevator, you better not push '2' or '3'.
11. If you are trying to get on an elevator, let all 35 people out before rushing in. The doors won't close without you, I promise.
12. If a teacher decides to let you out early unless anyone has "any further questions", don't ask a question! You might get jumped after class for being a suck-up.
13. Don't talk during class. Just. Don't.

*Please note: These rules may or may not apply only to Cal State University, Fullerton.

Add your own please! And make them sassy. To know what sassy looks like, see my face in picture above.


Tim Shuck said...

The rules are now written! A new title is in order!

14. If people are studying in an empty room, do not decide that you can "study algebra" in there as well. Certainly, do not attempt conversation, my claws are sharp and pierce the most callous of defenses.

Alanah said...


W said...

Sitting down in the middle of the hallway / sidewalk is not cool. No complaining about a knee to the temple.

Alanah said...

W- I don't mind when people sit down in the hallways, but when their legs are covering the walkway, then I get fiesty.

Hadar said...

hahah I love #10 and #12

Silver Lining Decor said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower! Found you through the "blogswap" in the forums ;)

Re-Purpose History said...

awesome and the rules about escalators especially apply to NY subways. Move along people!

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