It happens.

To be honest, I have been in a bit of a funk lately with our etsy shop. Tessa and I haven't taken pictures in almost two months, and I haven't felt the motivation to really do it yet. I have quite a few pieces I have made, but still just haven't really cared about photographing them. Creating a piece of art is hard. Putting it on the internet for everyone to see is even harder. I constantly feel anxious, wondering if people still like what I am creating or if I am done on etsy. It's hard.

When I had tea with Bethany and Tessa, I was given the motivation to try again. Bethany is good about making me see things from a different perspective and she inspires me to put myself out there. I have decided it is my goal over the summer to put together a home accessories line. It is going to be hard and way out of my comfort zone, but I have high hopes. I will create things that will add a pop of color to one's home, and things that I would love to have in my future home.

It is getting me excited just writing about it, so I am hoping it will bring me out of my funk.


lenoracle said...

I have to agree with you, the creating is the fun part. As I have pretty much no sales I find it rough to keep motivated to post. Worse yet no camera or scanner (woo cameraphone). But I love your stuff (and my hat! Dearly <3) and I hope to see your new stuff soon. You have great style with your creations. <3

Alanah said...

Thanks for being so encouraging! I definitely have been through periods of being discouraged by Etsy, but you should keep trying! It took a lot for me to evolve into what I have now, but the process is fun as well. Email me if you need any help or advice, although I am no expert.