OC Greek Food Festival 2011

(My camera ran out of battery the night before and I was too lazy to charge it. These pictures were taken with Tim's phone.)

Every year the Greek Food Festival falls on the weekend of our anniversary. This is our fourth time going. I remember the first time we went together, we were not even dating yet. I went with Tim, Bethany, and a bunch of their co-workers, and I was pretty terrified. If you don't know, I am not very adventurous when it comes to food, or at least I didn't used to be. So here I was, trying to impress this guy that I really liked, yet I had never had Greek food! 

I wanted to appear really spontaneous and willing to try new things so I took a bite of dolmathes, which is rice or something wrapped in grape leaves. It was probably the worst thing I have tasted, but I didn't tell Tim that until later and he told me later he was impressed that I tried it because he hated it too.

And an amazing relationship was born. 


lenoracle said...

Awwww what a sweet story. And yummmm Greek food festival! Delish.

Tim Shuck said...

Yeah, I still remember the taste of that thing.....