Painting nails is hard without a sister.

So, I have been loving these new colors of nail polish for summer. This mint green is my favorite. I even painted my finger nails with it the other week, and I can't remember the last time I painted my finger nails! It would always end up that I did the left hand really great, but when it came to the right, it would end up looking terrible and my self-esteem took a huge hit. Yet, this green made me want to try again. And it just so happened that when I started to paint my right hand, Tessa walked in my room.

Tessa: "What are you doing?"
Alanah: "Trying to paint my nails. I suck at this."
Tessa: "Oh, let me do it! I love to paint nails!"

This sounds like an embellishment, but it's not. Tessa loves make up and nail polish and hair products, which really is great for me since I am bad at all those things. So yeah, I lucked out. 


Tessa said...

Hey but you picked that awesome nail polish!