Sometimes Wednesdays are hard.

Some things that made my Wednesday interesting:
1. The whole day I thought I had a final at 5. Turns out it was at 4. It's a good thing I always get to class ridiculously early, but walking in at 3:57 with a blank look on my face wondering why everyone was already there was a little embarrassing.
2. Wearing a skirt on a windy day may have been the worst decision of my life. Sorry if you saw my underwear, CSUF peeps.
3. I almost ran over a lady in the parking lot. In my defense, she was running through the lanes, but still. I hear if you are going over 14 miles an hour you can seriously injure someone. I totally was, but it looks like running in those heels would have done worse than my car.
4. On Wednesday, I had my last final the next day. Deciding to wait until 8:30 the night before to study is not a good idea. Especially when the study guide is 9 pages and I don't remember a thing. Thank god for sisters and friends and flash cards. Seriously, flash cards saved my college career.

And now, it's Friday morning and I graduate tomorrow. I can't say I am feeling too excited, mainly because it's not the end and I am starting graduate school in the fall. But it's still a big deal, and I am excited to hang out with my family and friends and watch a slideshow Tessa put together of my life. Maybe I can figure out how to share it on the blog! Oh, you don't want to see pictures of me as an itty bitty baby? I really think you do.