Today, I have a degree.

Tessa took this picture of me in our backyard. I stuck it in my graduation announcements, because who doesn't want a picture of me on their fridge? All my friends beg for one, so you're welcome.

Today I graduate college. It's strange how when you are in the middle of something, it seems like it takes forever to end. Now, I look back and I think, where did the time go? I honestly can't believe I have been in college for four years. I still remember the first day of college. Tim put a good luck note on my car and I walked proud to school, feeling happy to be older yet scared that it would take so long to finish. Now, I am at the other side. It doesn't feel real. Although I can't be too sentimental... I will be in college for another two years getting my masters degree. Now let's hope that goes fast too.


lenoracle said...

Aw you look lovely. Congratuations!

And I know what you mean, I graduated university two years ago. Like, what?? Where did the time go!

All the same, you should be proud. : )

Alanah said...

I hear the older you are, the faster time goes by. It really is crazy sometimes!

Virginie's Cinema said...

Congratulations and good luck with the next step :)