Expectation vs. Reality

What I envisioned our 4th of July to look like:
1. Having breakfast together.
2. Spending the afternoon doing all the things we can't because we only see each other at night.
3. Having an afternoon bbq with corn and burgers.
4. Hanging out with friends at night and watching fireworks.
5. Kissing.
What actually happened our our 4th of July:
1. Waking up feeling stupid from being a jerk to Tim the night before.
2. Sulking all morning/afternoon waiting for him to call.
3. Debating whether to call him or waste the rest of my day watching scary movies.
4. Seeing Tim and getting into a huge discussion/argument, me nearly ruining our relationship.
5. Watering the Ahlberg's plants (in case they are reading this, totally did it.)
6. Making up with Tim and feeling much better.
7. Having a 9:30 pm BBQ with corn and burgers.
8. Watching Harry Potter.

I should have less expectations and realize things never go as planned with me.