I think...

I think I would like to live in Italy for a year.
I think in a month I will be addicted to going to the gym.
I think there are worse things to be addicted to.
I think the day Tim comes back from a 4 day camping trip is the best day.
I think the next two years in school may just about kill me.
I think Ten Things I Hate About You will always be my favorite chick flick.
I think a glass of wine and a hot bath helps everything.
I think my sister might be able to read my mind sometimes.
I think Hebrews is a pretty amazing read.
I think old friends will always be missed.
I think there is always time for TV and reading.
I think I miss my nephew every day.
I think late night serious and silly conversations are my favorite.
I think Wednesday will be a good day.


Nicole Baughman said...

I think Hebrews is my favorite New Testament book.

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i think we might be related, lol!

i agree 100% with everything minus the bit about the camping trips, school and 10 things i hate about you.

Alanah said...

This makes me happy Elizabeth!

wildchild said...

i think i like your blog :) and i totally agree about being addicted to the gym- nothing wrong with that! it feels so awesome when you're all done with a good workout. i'm a new follower :)

Giedre said...

I think Italy is probably one of my favorite places on earth. Seriously. You get the chance to live there, GO FOR IT! :) I studied abroad in Cortona for three months and they were some of the best months EVER! Also: totally agree on Ten Things I Hate About You. LoveloveLOVE that movie. :)