Never Let Me Go.

I watched Never Let Me Go last Saturday. It was the best movie I have seen in a long time. I loved the cinematography, the music, the characters, the storyline. I cannot think of any part of it I did not love. There was a scene in the end with Andrew Garfield that literally had me holding my breath. There is something so beautiful and powerful about raw emotion. Watching someone having an emotion too powerful for words was a breathtaking experience. I cannot even express the way I felt after I finished the film. It made me want to cry, run out in the rain screaming my lungs off, kiss my boy, hug everyone I know. It made me want to feel alive.

Even talking about it is getting me into this restless feeling of wanting to do more than I am, wanting to be more than I am. I need to go write. I never feel more like myself than when I am writing in my journal.