Non-existent cell phone.

Cell phones weren't that big of a deal ten years ago. Remember when cell phones weren't everything? Remember when people didn't look at you like you were from outer space because you didn't have one? I'm sure you can't remember. I'm sure anyone who is reading this has a cell phone or has had one before. I've never had a cell phone, and people question me all the time.

Why don't you have a cell phone? How do your friends call you? What if you need help? What if there's an emergency?

I usually bat off these comments by saying I just don't have enough money, what with paying off my car and saving for my Italy trip. However, come closer. Let me tell you a little secret. I do not want a cell phone. It's not about the money. It really isn't. It is just this plain fact: I do not want one.

I love going out and being unreachable. I love that I am not slave to a phone that I feel I have to answer if someone calls. I love being able to do my own thing, go where I want, and not worry about being tracked down. I love that when I get lost and I can't find my way, I can only rely on my sense of direction and God. I love being able to hide from the world.

Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I had a cell phone all these things would become impossible. Things would just feel different, and for now, I crave the sameness.