I am my own person.

I was at work the other day and a lady came through my line with a low cut shirt and a big tattoo on her chest. I had to look a little closer because I couldn't believe what her tattoo was screaming at me.

"Ryan's property!"

First, tattoos at the top of your cleavage is trashy. No matter what, it looks trashy. Second, what would possess someone to get a tattoo declaring they are not their own person, but they belong to someone else? I am no feminist, but I find it especially disturbing that this woman is declaring she is owned by a man. No one should have a tattoo like that, and it makes me wonder what kind of mentality does someone have that they think that is okay? Funny? Working at Food4Less makes me sad sometimes.


Christie Coleman said...

Food4Less shouldn't make you sad but, broken women like that should. Women who have no identity in themselves and are looking for someone to want them. Someone to belong to. Women like that are in such a need of God - the only One it matters if we belong to or not.

Kristiana said...

1. That was totally going to be my next tattoo!! just kidding.
2. There's nothing wrong with being a feminist. It doesn't mean what everyone thinks it does.
3. I like you.