Lately I have been writing more than I think I have in the past year combined.

I've written journal entries, letters, papers, ect.

And although I have loved to write for the past ten+ years, I think I just realized that writing is my thing. Everyone has that thing that they get excited about, that thing they make time for, that thing that is a priority. Writing is my thing.

Some people deal with their problems by talking to others. Lately, I've had some huge issues to deal with that I've never faced in my life before. Tim would get frustrated with me because I would sit and cry to him, but I wouldn't talk about it. In his words, I wouldn't "deal with it." But the more I thought about that, the more I realized that I deal with things differently than other people do. Instead of talking about things, I like to write them down. I like to get my feelings out on paper, whether in a journal or a letter. When I write down my feelings they feel more real to me, and afterwards I feel like I have dealt with them. I always wondered why writing in my journal would make me cry sometimes. Now I know that in my own way, with my writing, I was dealing with the emotions, which sometimes came out in my tears too. The older I get, the more I feel like I'm getting to know myself. And now I know...

My pen and my journal are my ways of dealing.


Wade said...

That's it. You're getting fancy pens for Christmas.