Today I erased a mistake I made.
A mistake that was made approximately 2 years ago.
I remember being so excited when I got my car.
I wanted to put stickers all over it to make it mine.
The first one I planned on was the red Incubus.
I wanted everyone to know that I was a true fan.
Well, true enough to put a sticker of them on my car.
It was larger than I thought when I received it in the mail.
Yet, I still put it on my car.
I liked it at first.
It made me feel nice when I saw my car.
Then, something changed.
We grew apart.
I didn't like it anymore.
And the more I saw it, the more I hated it.
I realized I no longer needed to be defined by what I liked.
I grew up.
I grew out of it.
Today, I erased my mistake.
I washed my car, made it pretty.
And took off the sticker.

I am me. Not a sticker.


Bethany said...

I like you even though you're not an Incubus sticker.