When you listen to the radio, are you ever nervous of the station that you choose to stay on?

Do you spend the entire song feeling uneasy, like there might be a better song out there that is playing at the same moment and you are missing it?

A song that would better fit your mood, a song that you haven't heard in months, a song that could change your day?

And to know that with just the click of a button, you could be listening to that better song...

I feel that way every day.


Bethany said...

Sometimes I feel that way about which playlist I'm listening to on my iPod. What if right this second I could be having a magical moment with my "Hazards of Love" list but instead I'm listening to "80s rock opera"?

Kristiana said...

I feel that way all the time. I spend all my time switching around and missing everything. Then I get angry and shut the whole thing off.